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What is the purpose of the inovabra startups program?
The inovabra startups program aims to discover innovative projects that have applicable or adaptable solutions in the sector of financial products and services.
What are the criteria for participation in the program?
There is no restriction of billing or location of the company, but the startups need to have a solution at least in beta, which can be made available to test in controlled use or even distributed to the market for evaluation.
What are the stages of the program?
Register: startups from any segment may register at any moment. The solutions must be applicable or possibly adaptable to the financial products and services industry.
Selective process: At all times Bradesco will carry out a screening of the solutions that meet a current need of the Organization. In up to a month, we'll give you feedback.
Immersion: Every month a group of startups will have an immersion day with managers of Bradesco and the market.
Demo Day​: One week after an immersion, startups will present their proposed solutions to executives of Bradesco.
Finalists: After two weeks, the finalist startups will be selected.
And what if my startup is not focused on financial products or services?
inovaBra is focused on startups that can add value to the current business units of the bank. There is a real demand and all the assistance needed will be given to ensure that the solution is customized to current needs. Each company will be responsible for the development of the solution.
How can I register my startup?
You only have to register in the inovabra digital platform. Please provide detailed answers and the most possible information.

I want to register
What are the criteria to qualify for the first phase?
Qualification of the team
Potential for generating value
Innovation potential
Ability to deliver
Measurement of risk
What are the opportunities for learning and the benefits of participation in the program?
Bradesco organizes an immersion process conducted by experienced professionals, with lectures and workshops. inovaBra offers the finalist companies mentoring with the key executives and leaders of the business units of the bank, in addition to a structured process that advises individual entrepreneurs on the themes: strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, project management and strategies for business growth.
Can the inovaBra program invest in the solution?
Yes. At the end of the program, the companies that successfully complete the formatting of their solutions will be able to pitch their products to Bradesco. In addition, the bank could be a strategic investor, without changing the original corporate control of the participating companies.
Will a prize be offered?
Banco Bradesco does not offer a cash prize to participants in the program. However, for the finalist companies that are able to develop solutions for the demands established in the program, Bradesco will be able to purchase the solution or invest in the company.
Must I attend in person all of​ the phases of selection?
The selection is divided into three phases:
1) Online form
2) Immersion – week of intensive planning and preparation of the companies selected in the city of São Paulo, which require the presence of at least one participant of the company
3) Executive forum – presentation of the solution to the executives of Banco Bradesco. The presence of at least 1 participant of the company is necessary.
Do the companies receive any assistance to participate in the program?
For the finalists of the second phase, Bradesco may, at its sole discretion, refund expenses for travel and hotel at the maximum value of two thousand reais (R$2,000.00), as long as they are appropriately justified. Any other expenditure is the responsibility of the participants.
Once selected, will my company have the solution purchased or will it receive a contribution from inovaBra ventures (Bradesco's Equity Investment Fund – FIP)?
Bradesco offers real demand from the business units, assistance in the management, access to the mentoring of key executives and access to key employees of the business units. All with the aim of customizing solutions for a large bank, with each company responsible for the development. However, the bank reserves the right to purchase the solution or not. inovaBra ventures may also contribute resources to the company or not.
If inovaBra ventures (Bradesco's Equity Investment Fund – FIP) invests in my company, how will this investment be managed?
Bradesco through inovaBra ventures does not acquire the control of the company, but becomes a strategic partner. However, it may appoint the Chief Financial Officer or a​ member of the Board of the company.
Will the Non Disclosure Agreement be treated as confidential?
Bradesco treats the information as confidential only when covered by a confidentiality agreement signed by the two parties.
Does the bank own the patent developed during the program?
No. The intellectual property is of the entrepreneurs.
What else do I need to know about the legal issues?
Your application to inovaBra does not create any bond with Bradesco or any associated company. The bank is not obliged to contract​ the service, buy the product developed by the company or acquire shareholdings. Please read the Regulation of the Program available on the site very carefully.


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